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Northern Lights Festival de Febrero in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

This is a series of concerts of International Musical Excellence  from February 12th to 25th, 2017.

February 12 – Festival Series Quartetto Gelato 7:30 PM  Auditorium

February 13 – TeaTime 4:00 PM incl. in pkg.

February 14 – Festival Series David Fung in Concert 4:00 PM Auditorium

February 15 – Salon Series The Magic Flute 4:00 PM and 7:30 PM Nicholas bravo #35

February 16 – Festival Series The Richard Underhill Quartet 7:30 PM Auditorium

February 17 – Visionary Event Songs Without Words with Stephen Sitarski & Peter Desotto 4:00 PM incl. in pkg.

February 18 – Festival Series Gala Orchestr 7:30 PM Auditorium  Party afterwards for Patrons Nicholas Bravo #35

February 19 – Salon Series Daniel Moody Baroque & Beynd 4:00 PM Bravo Theater Rio Bravo #10

February 20 – Premier Event Bellows and Srings 4:00 PM Bragg Estate Las Briisas #7

Februay 21- Festival Series Moonshine Ballads & other Charms Patricia O;Callahan & the Gryphon Trio 4:00 PM                               Auditorium

February 22 – Tea  Time 4:00 PM incl. in pkg.

February 23 – Salon Series Archduke with The Gryohon Trio 4:00 PM & 7:30 PM Villa Wolf, Emiliano Zapata #124                               Las Salvias

February 24 – Festival Series Closing Night Festival Orchestra 7:30 PM Auditorium

February 25 – Conductor’s Circle Comida & Concert incl. in pkg. 2:00 PM Nicholas Bravo #35

Premier Event

Dinner & Jazz 6:00 PM La Nueva Posada Donato Guerra #9 (This is always a fantastic event in a                                     beautiful setting.)

Friends of the Festival Visionaries and Conductor’s Circle packages are available now.  Contact Judy Parker at 766-5379 or Louise Morel 766-2680 or email

We are very lucky to have Northern Lights return to us every year.  We are certain you will enjoy one or more of these spectaculat events.

For more details on the events and performers there is a special insert inside this week’s Guadalajara Reporter (Jan. 28).

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