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One's Personal "Energy"

One’s Personal “Energy”

Being a family of dog lovers when were first introduced to Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) we absorbed avidly all the information and training he was teaching us about the problem with any dog is the “energy” of the human.

All any dog gets from us is our smell and our “energy”. Cesar teaches us to be calm and assertive so our dogs will be calm and submissive and reach the balance that will make their lives happy. If we are nervous, frustrated, angry, weak, sad or any other negative emotion our dog will pick up on this and reject us as a suitable pack leader and take over that role themselves. This is not something they want to do or are comfortable with but our negative energy leaves them no choice. There are many lessons we can learn from Cesar and another one which resonated with us is that “you don’t necessarily get the dog you want you get the dog you need”. Our dogs can teach us many things but as we struggle with the positive energy that will help us have balance for our dogs it will also give us balance. As we become calm and assertive our lives will also change for the better as we rid ourselves of some very draining negative emotions.

I had occasion to unwittingly put this positive calm assertive energy into practice the other day at the bank.

We needed to pick up some business checks at our bank in Chapala which should have been a straightforward undertaking. For those who have lived in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for any amount of time you know this is not always the case. There is no guarantee that any transition at the bank will be straightforward.

We knew the checks were indeed ready so our daughter tried to pick up the checks with the appropriate signed authorization. She was told only my husband or I could pick up the checks with our passports in hand.

My husband then tried but the bank customers were overflowing out onto the street and he had another appointment. He was also worried as he only had his driver’s license with him and not his passport.

The task then fell to me, armed with my passport, to try to pick up the checks as we now were totally out.

I drove to Chapala and was pleasantly surprised to obtain a parking space close to my bank. I walked in and sure enough the bank was still filled with waiting customers backing onto the street. I first thought I would try later and then I made another decision.

I strode purposely right through the bank to the customer service offices and told the first person I saw that I was here to pick up my checks and how might I go about accomplishing that feat. She asked me to sit down and would attend to it right away. I put my passport on her desk and she returned with the checks in hand which I duly signed for and she activated them on her computer for immediate use. I also needed to cash one of my new checks so I went to the head of the preferred customer line and was served immediately. The teller did not even ask for my passport!

The entire production took ten minutes and I was happily on my way back to Ajijic checks in hand.

The moral of this blog is that a positive personal energy will elicit a positive result. Try it! It works.

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