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Opening Ceremony Sochi Winter Olympic Games 2014

Yesterday, February 7th, was the official Open Ceremony of the Sochi Olympic Games 2014.

As per usual it was an extravaganza of lights, fireworks, music, dancing, special effects and historical reenactments.  People from Russia of all ages participated in the  opening ceremony and the lighting of the torch was, as always, a highlight.

Their were a few glitches which were not seen by the Russians but were evident to those around the world such as one of the five rings not properly turning from a snowflake into an Olympic ring.

It cost 51 billion to stage this extravaganza and I must admit that did not thrill me.  When you think of all the hunger and poverty not only in Russia but around the world do you not think the money could have been better spent?  It seems a show of vanity from the host country and clearly a case of keeping up with or outdoing the Joneses.

The parade of the athletes to me was the real show.  The look of pride, happiness and innocence on the faces of the athletes was marvelous to see.   I cried when the Canadian team marched in all 220 of them.

I understand that the Olympic Games are to be free of politics but I do wish they spent a little less on pomp and pageantry and were a little more cognizant of the needs of people other than politicians.

Raising 51 billion for this ostentatious show is possible but raising money for the very real needs of  the men and women in uniform or the hungry and less fortunate seems an insurmountable task.

I believe in the athletes,  I believe in the Olympic spirit and I believe in tradition. but maybe there could be a new tradition where things were a little more equal and we did look after other people

There are a few snags with the athlete accommodations as well.  The water is brown, the bathtubs are not secured, once the doors lock they do not open again.  One athlete broke through the almost cardboard door when he could not get out of the bathroom and the picture of the broken door went viral.

I want the athletes and all guests to be safe and I wish everyone a very successful Winter Olympics.

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