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Our Furry Friends

We love dogs. We have had 5 dogs since we have lived in Ajijic which is now over 18 years. Four out of the five were/are street dogs. Three have passed on and 2 are still with us. Our dogs give us a great deal of pleasure and truly members of the family.

We recently took our dogs to the beach to an amazing “Pet Friendly” hotel, Chantli Mare in Boca de Iguanas. They had the best time of their lives and their pleasure gave us great pleasure too. They were so happy with walks on the beach several times a day, swims in the pool and crabbing. This was a sport our little one particularly enjoyed.

If it were up to my daughter and I we would rescue every street dog that was in need but have had to curb this desire. We once had three dogs for a little while which was a lot. We used to be able to take any dogs we found in need to Geoffrey Kaye’s animal shelter but thanks to some chronic complainers he had to close this adoption service. Anita is another option for street dogs in need but at the moment she has over 400 dogs she is struggling to look after. This week there was a young female mix breed outside our office across from Superlake. She looked like a miniature of our beloved Norma who was a Doberman and Lab mix that was our first Ajijic street dog and, unfortunately, is no longer with us. Our daughter spotted this hapless young female who was in heat and being chased and attacked relentlessly by much bigger dogs as she was in heat. She would hide under cars but the big dogs would patiently wait for her to come out. She was utterly alone and frightened to death.

My daughter told me of her plight and I said bring her home and we will keep her safe until we can find a good home for her. My daughter has put pictures of this adorable puppy up on facebook and if you are looking for a wonderful calm peaceful, albeit a little shy, puppy – please contact us.

We have her in our son’s room at the moment and she has done nothing but sleep and eat since we brought her home. She must have gone a very long time without sleep and is obviously very grateful to be safe and rest without fear.

Her beautiful eyes look up at my daughter with warmth and we have not heard a peep out of her since she arrived yesterday.

She seems to have the same wonderful temperament of our sweet, kind Norma and, just as Norma was, will be a huge asset to any good home looking for a loyal dog to love and take care of.

We look forward to hearing from you if you can find room in your home and hearts for this beautiful puppy who so deserves a safe environment free of torment.

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