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Our New Mexican In-laws

Our New Mexican In-laws

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 our daughter, Tiffany, married Oscar Valencia. Afterwards we had a very nice wedding breakfast in the garden of Las Delicias in Chapala.

We have known and liked Oscar (nickname – Wings) for over a year and this last week we had the privilege of meeting his family.

They are a wonderful warm family and we are very happy that we are now related. Over the last week we had several functions for Tiffany and Wings and his family participated in the two functions that we had as well as having a lovely afternoon at a close neighbor’s house. They made a very flavorful posole , home-made of course, as well as some delicious home-made tostados and tasty dulces made of tamarindo and guyaba. We all received favors made of gum and a large pail of posole was sent home to my husband who was unable to attend. We had a beautiful afternoon shower at a friend’s amazing house at the top of Chula Vista with a view to die for. This event had party sandwiches home-made naturally, baked brie, and a chocolate carmel popcorn affair and an exquisitely decorated cake made by Martha Eager.

The event we had last night was a formal sit down dinner at a friend’s home in San Antonio Tlayacapan. Her house was beautifully decorated with yards of white tulle, white candles, white linens, and the house was filled with large vases of fragrant white flowers. It was magical when you walked into the house and the dinner was cooked by Chef Greg Cuillard of Chili Bang Bar and Number FOUR ably assisted by the bridegroom who had worked with Chef previously at both restaurants. The white wedding cake was made again by Martha Eager and it was truly the centerpiece of the dinner decorated with white roses and pearls.

We think it was a very memorable week for the newlyweds for many reasons. For us it was the coming together of ex-pats and Mexicans united in mutual happiness for our children that made the week so special for us.

Although we all struggled with each other’s language (except for the younger family members) we all bonded and were very happy to spend time together.

I have often said how much we love the warm and welcoming nature of the Mexican people and never was it more evident than the lovely time we have spent with our new Mexican in-laws this past week.

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