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Our Wonderful Weather

Labor Day has come and gone.  It was early this year and when we lived in the frozen north it heralded the onset of winter and the cold weather was never far behind.ow

Things have changed and it is already cold up north.  In Toronto, Canada it was cold in August and is barely 50 degrees F. today.  It is snowing in Western Canada and I do not mean a light dusting that melts when it hits the ground.  There are serious snow storms.

Now, perhaps this is a fluke as in the past August was the hottest month in Canada and we even had an “Indian Summer” in September.  It might start to cool down in October and snow maybe in November.  By February the grey skies were oppressive and it s no wonder the most suicides are recorded in Feburary.

Depression would set in in late fall after we all enjoyed the beauty of the changing of the leaves which would soon fall to the ground leaving the trees bare and gaunt.

We would start to slowly emerge from our caves in April hopeful Spring was in the air.  This last year in Toronto they still had temperatures in the teens in July.

If, however, you are lucky enough to live in Ajijic, Lake Chapala or be considering living in Ajijic, Lake Chapala there will be no onset of inevitable depression any more after Labor Day.

Our climate is the best in the world and it is largely the reason most people move here along with the better quality of life and the warmth of the Mexican people.

We will not stop playing tennis or golf or put our cars up on blocks to avoid the damage of snow-melting salt.

We will continue to eat outdoors and, in fact, spend most of our life outdoors.  We may need a light sweater in the evening and sometimes near Navidad (Christmas) we might even be able to wear a favorite coat that lives in our closet.

The rainy season is over in about a month and yet another wonderful season of weather will be upon us.  There is always a new season coming to look forward to here in paradise.

Sun is good for the soul and we are lucky enough here to have very nurtured souls as our weather is 75 degrees and sunny 75% of the year.

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