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Panaderia Scandinavia (Scandinavian Bakery)

I have blogged about the Panaderia Scandinavia before but it is worth writing about again as they have added many more delicious products.

They still have their wonderful selection of sourdough breads which are:

Smaland – Apple and Walnut

Lappland – Rye and Barley

Dalarna – Rye and Caraway

Jamtland – Tomato and Basil

Varmland – Wholewheat and Seeds

Halland – Olives and Thyme

Uppland – White and Light

They have a lovely new Bistro Menu including various sandwiches and sweet pastries.

There is an assortment of healthy drinks, coffee and tea.

Their Baguettes are spectacular along with specialty butter, Duck Pate and other delights.

Panaderia Scandinavia is located in the Centro Laguna Plaza in Ajiic at the carretera and libramiento.  I usually drive up the road beside Steren and park there.

They also have hamburger buns on certain days.  They are open 7 days a week and the phone # to order anything is (376) 766-0604.

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