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Paying Your Property Taxes

Today I had a wonderful experience in paying my property taxes in Chapala at the Hacienda Municipal in the restored Hotel Nido beside the BBVA BANCOMER Bank. When driving into Chapala turn right at the lights and the Hacienda Municipal is on the right hand side.

The Hacienda Municipal offices are open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Many things can be accomplished at these offices including marriages, bill payments and many other business transactions.

Today I went fairly early and arrived at the Hacienda Municipal around 9:30 am. The reason I went now rather than later in the year is because from now to April there is a sliding discount (descuento) scale. You get the highest discount the earlier you pay your property taxes. You should go armed with some kind of identification as well as your last year’s receipt for payment of your property taxes and, of course, pesos.

You walk in and cross the main foyer to get your #. I took my number from the machine dispensing it and my # was up immediately and did not have to wait for a minute. The girl then gives you a slip of paper with the amount owing and your # slip and you cross the foyer to the cashier (caja) and again wait for your # to show up on the monitor.

I had to wait for one couple in front of me and then my # was showing on the monitor and I gave the girl my last year’s receipt, my # and the slip of the amount owing along with the pesos required. She gave me my receipt and I was out the door in less than 10 minutes. I was not even asked for my identification which only happens when you have it with you.

I remember one year I went later in the year and walked into the entire foyer being filled with people and had to wait for over an hour.

I should also mention that I was able to get a parking spot right outside.

It was a good morning and I happily went about my shopping at Superlake and came home having completed all my tasks which, in itself, is unusual.

I recommend you go earlier rather than later to pay your property taxes for a couple of reasons. One your discount with be larger than if you go in March or April and secondly it will be an in and out proposition. Both good reasons if you ask me

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