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People go to Ajijic to Retire and Die, Then They Forget to Die

People go to Ajijic to retire and die, then they forget to die’

Friday, June 13, 2014

Once you get beyond trying to pronounce the name, Ajijic is a great place to live — and garden.

The town situated on the shores of Lake Chapala in the state of Jalisco boasts a balmy climate: it’s never too hot or humid, and cool at night. And it’s enough to make a Canadian gardener salivate, writes Sonia Day in the Toronto Star.

In addition to exotic flowers, vegetables common in Canadian gardens grow well here and not only that, they do so all year round.

“Everything grows so damn fast here,” says Jack West, a former Toronto businessman who moved to Ajijic with his wife 18 years ago.

Friends had bought a place in Florida, but the Wests decided they wanted to do something more adventurous. They now have four acres overlooking the lake where Jack is a very keen gardener.

The whole Lake Chapala area has been a mecca for many Canadians and Americans for years, and they outnumber Mexicans in local restaurants. The inflow has declined somewhat as a result of the drug wars, but they’re still coming, writes Day.

And why not, with such an attractive climate and pretty location.

“People come to Ajijic to retire and die,” says West, “and then they forget to die, because it’s such a great place to live. Here, I drink good water from a well, I eat great organic vegetables, I breathe healthy mountain air and sleep 10 hours a night. What could be better?”

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