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Pesky Computers in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I have known for a long time that computers, laptops, ipads, tablets, cell phones etc. all have a mind of their own.  On any given day they will decide whether or not to co-operate with what you are trying to accomplish

Yesterday, however, my laptop was even more temperamental than usual. For some reason three of my sites which have had the same passwords for years decided that these passwords were no longer going to work.

First they ask you if you have forgotten your password, if you know your password but it is not working or if you suspect someone is trying to access your account.

If you answer that you know your password but it is not working this will cause you no end of trouble in trying to reset a usable password.  If you say that you think that someone is trying to access your account this too will cause you no end of trouble.  Embarrassing as it is, it is better that you say you forgot your password whether you did  or didn’t.

You then just have to give them another email address to which you have access and they will send you a code to this email address and you can easily reset your password.

I had changed the passwords for all three sites but today for some inexplicable reason none of them worked.  I proceeded to try  to reset my passwords again and they said they would send me a code with which to proceed but no code was sent.  Of course, there is no way of communicating this to them so I kept trying the same thing expecting a different result which I understand is the definition for insanity.

At the end of my rope I rechecked the email address again where the elusive code should have been sent and, for some reason, it was in the deleted file.  I can understand this happening by accident once but several times seemed unlikely.

Another thing they find amusing, to make sure you are not a robot, is to ask you to cipher some awkward letter compilations which are not as easy as they would seem to be to solve  You then have the choice to try another puzzle or have them read it aloud to you.  This, of course, is designed to make you feel like an idiot as it is not bad enough that you had to admit to forgetting your password.

After several frustrating attempts I managed to follow all prompts and have three new passwords for the three sites in question.  One more interesting fact is that one of the the new passwords I chose was, in fact, the same as the old one.  This further proves to me that the entire exercise was just to f… with me.

I now can access all of my sites but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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