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Peter Panaderia

There is a new bakery across the street from Florence ROWE Boutique at # 17B Carretara Poniente.

The address of Peter Panaderia is located at Carretera Poniente # 8 and they may be reached by telephone at (376) 766-0604.

They are known for their sour dough bread.  We had the sour dough whole grain loaf which was delicious and very fresh.

Peter Panaderia also has whole grain, nut, olive and rye breads along with their sour dough signature loaves.

Pan Panaderia also has several tasty savory tidbits to snack on and delight the taste buds.

It is always a treat when a new bakery opens and I think you will enjoy this one immensely.

I am looking forward to trying the nut bread and rye bread which will be lovely with pastrami, whole grain mustard and a fat dill pickle.

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