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Peter's Panderia

This wonderful sour dough bakery has changed it’s name and has moved.

The new name is Panderia Scandinavia and they have moved to a new location behind Marti Sports Store in the Centro Laguna Plaza across from Walmart at the Carretera Chapala-Jocotepec and the libremiento.

They do not have a sign yet but you can find them directly behind Marti to the right of the food court.

They still have all their wonderful sour dough breads.

Lappland which is the dense dark rye with seeds.  Smaland which contains walnuts ad apples and is delicious in stuffing. Varmand which is their very popular whole wheat bread.  Uppland which is a light rye.  Gotland which is a light rye with anise and , of course, White.

They also have baguettes, cheese, homemade peanut butter and delicious cookies.  There is always some amazing little tidbits to delight you and Peter will make special orders on request.

I have blogged about this before but I just wanted to make sure everyone knew where to find our most amazing sour dough bakery.

Tell Peter I sent you.

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