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Pleasing the Customer

This seems to be a lost art. In this instance it is a case of losing (at a restaurant) four appetizers, four entrees, a couple of bottles of wine, four desserts and four coffees for $45.00 pesos.

We went with friends to a local restaurant and placed our orders. I wanted to substitute grilled vegetables for pasta which I had done with no problem at least four times before.

This time I was told that it was not possible. I very nicely asked the waitress to check again as I had done this in the past without incident.

The owner (not a particularly popular person) came to the table and said it was not possible as the chef was too busy. At that time there were two other tables.

I asked if there were some other vegetables available that would not tax the chef to prepare and this person said “No”. My friend said “You are saying that there are no other vegetables available in the restaurant?” and again this person said “No”.

I said “Fine I will pay the $45.00 pesos for the grilled vegetables” but my friend said this was not the first time that had had difficulties at this restaurant and if I wanted to leave that was fine with them.

We paid for our wine and left. The owner just stood there and said NOTHING knowing we were leaving because of the arbitrary decision not to substitute grilled vegetables for pasta.

This restaurant not only lost the income our table would have brought in they have lost all four of us forever and all of our friends.

I could have understood it if they had made some offer of another solution but none was forthcoming.

I eat often at La Nueva Posada in the new dining room “Las Cupulas” which is beautiful. I sit with one of the owners and I have seen how well they look after their customers and make sure they are always happy and well-taken care of. If a rare mistake is made it is always made up with a free drink or perhaps a dessert.

The restaurant we were at last night could learn a lot from the Eagers at La Nueva Posada.

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