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Posture-Pain Therapist in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

I have been experiencing some problems with my back and am doing everything I can to make it better.

This includes proper bio-available calcium, and other vitamins and minerals, effective pain medication and anti-inflammatories.

Exercise is also very important.  Gentle Yoga is good, walking and exercises for the back.

Seeing your doctor regularly is part of your routine but doing some research yourself is also useful to keep the meds to a minimum.

There is a person here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala that does the Egoscue Method of exercise to reduce pain and correct posture.

I have decided to give her a try as she has a wonderful reputation and having researched the method she uses,  I am hopeful she might be able to help with my pain.

Her name is Barbara Baker and her email address is: and she is located in Riviera Alta.

She charges $600.00 for a two hour session and she assesses you and gives, you what she calls a series of menus, (different exercises) for you to do at home.  She does show you how to do all the exercises and also sends you an email with pictures and descriptions of the exercises she wants you to do.

You do the exercises and might return for a follow-up in 3 weeks to see how you are doing.  At that time you may get another set of “menus” to do.

Hopefully, this will be the last part of the puzzle for me.

Barbara got into this method of therapy because of her own pain and was so happy with the results she decided to become an Egoscue Therapist.  This is very good validation so I am looking forward to my own results.

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