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I love the holidays as much if not more than the next man but it seems to me that we are starting particularly early this year with the pre-marketing of the events around the corner.

We never used to hear anything about Christmas until after Canadian Thanksgiving (mid October) or even Halloween (October 31st).

That has changed over the years and actually Christmas marketing starts the day after Christmas Day.

I am all for early shopping and saving money but at our age time goes quickly enough without speeding things up even more.

I was at Walmart here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala before Canadian Thanksgiving (October 14th) and sections of the store were literally filled to the rafters with Christmas decorations.  There are tons of plastic cylinders containing Christmas balls in a variety of colors and every possible other decoration for the house and tree that you can imagine and many more that you could not imagine.

Years ago we could not get our tree here in Ajijic, Lakee Chapala but had to drive to Guadalajara to purchase our holiday tree.

Then one could buy your tree here usually at Superlake in San Antonio Tlayacapan a couple of weeks before Christmas.

Now you can get your tree at a number of places anytime now.  We used to put our tree up by our son’s birthday December 16th but now we get it so early we are lucky if it still has its needles by Christmas.

I still have nightmares about it being Christmas Eve and I have not done my shopping.  I remember one year I did all of my shopping in November and thoroughly enjoyed December without the usual stress brought on by the “festive” season.

So if you are a last minute shopper or wish to get things done early, clearly, here you have the choice.

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