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Property Taxes in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

This is the time to pay your property taxes for Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

It you pay your taxes in January or February you receive a 15% discount and if you pay them in March you receive a 5% discount.

Propery taxes here are very modest and this year my taxes went up $30.00 pesoos from last year.

Yesterday I set out to get this chore done to get my 15% discount.  I headed to Chapala and found, close to Chapala, cars, taxis and buses were turning around as there was some peaceful demonstrators blocking the intersection of the Carretera and Chapala.

I parked my car this side of Chapala and walked to the Municipal Building just past Bancomer on the right side of Fransicso Madero  turning left at the lights.

You walk into the building and go to the window facing you and take a #.  They then will give you a ticket which you take to the other side of the room and pay your taxes and get a receipt.  It is a relative easy process depending on how many people are there and they are very nice and helpful.

I then walked back to my car managed to turn around and proceed back home.  It is always a good feeling when you get your property taxes paid for the year.

I am still curious as to what the demonstrators were protesting and it would have to happen the day I went to Chapala to pay my property taxes.

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