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Proud to be a Canadian

We have lived here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for 17 years and are proud to be inmigrados. We hail from Toronto, Canada and on Friday, July 1st I was having a drink with my friend, Judy Eager, at La Nueva Posada.

We had planned to go out for dinner when Michael Eager sat down with us and had a beautiful fat hamburger which looked absolutely delicious.

Being July 1st it was Canada Day and all the Canadians lakeside (well at least most of them) had congregated at La Nueva Posada as they do every year to celebrate. The Executive Chef, Lorraine Russo, had prepared the traditional fare of hamburgers with an extensive array of toppings, hot dogs, maple cured baked beans and mountains of potato salad. Of course there was a Canada Day cake for dessert gaily decorated in red and white icing and topped with a small Canadian flag.

We decided perhaps we should stay at the hotel and partake of the lovely spread Lorraine had prepared and went up to the buffet with empty plates and hearty appetites.

Everything was absolutely delicious and Lorraine was toasted by one and all for her efforts in celebrating the day with an excellent Canada Day feast.

Then I heard our Canadian National Anthem “Oh Canada” being sung and I sprang to my feet and went to join in belting out this favorite with Michael Eager and Michael Jr. and the rest of the Canadians filling the dining room and garden. My heart swelled with pride and I was surprised at how much singing this song affected me in a very positive way.

I was born and bred in Toronto, Canada and thought I would die there but my husband had different plans for us and we have lived here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala for 17 years. As I am fond of saying I have enjoyed every minute of every day and when we became inmigrados we celebrated with a bottle of champagne.

The person who gave us papers in Guadalajara was wonderful and she said to us that she knew we loved our country of Canada but now we could love our other country of Mexico too. I thought she was very sensitive in saying that and never was it more true that Friday, July 1st at La Nueva Posada with friends and our Mexican family, the Eagers.

Today is July 4th and we want to wish all our US friends and family a very happy and safe holiday. We hope your holiday fare is as delicious as ours was.

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