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Public Audience

There is going to be a Public Audience (Audiencia Publica) in the agency of the Public Ministry on Friday, October 11th at 11:00 am.

It will be held on the Central Patio of the Presidencia Municipal which is where you pay your property taxes in Chapala.  Turn right at the lights entering Chapala and this building is just past the banks on the right.

The Fiscal General of Jalisco is coming to speak to expats and answer their questions.

If you have a problem with criminal affairs or have questions about the attention you are receiving this will be a good forum for you to attend.

Come and listen!

You can also make an appointment for better service and more information by calling without cost: 01 800 640-9299 or email to

Other phone #’s are 3837-6077, 6078 and 6079.

Everyone is welcome!

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