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Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

This week will celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years as Queen of England and over 56 other countries and commonwealths.

I have always been a big royalist as both my parents were from England and my father always had one foot in England even after being here (Canada) for over 75 years and he never lost his British accent. I remember their thoughts on the abdication of the king for Wallis Simpson the twice divorced American making his younger brother, George, king.

I remember their description of the young Elizabeth only 25 years old when her father King George died and she was crowned Queen of England.

Elizabeth promised the world then that she would always be in service to her country and subjects and that is a promise she has kept for 60 years taking her duty very seriously while maintaining a warmth and humor.

Her husband, Prince Philip, has been a worthy consort and theirs was a marriage of love. He is still by her side as he has been for all of these years.

The Monarchy has been through many changes over the years and always managed to keep abreast of the times. It is the younger generations which have helped support the Monarchy enjoy the continued respect they have today.

Lady Diana wife to Prince Charles, next in line to the throne, was hugely popular and so are her sons William and Harry.

William married Kate Middleton a year ago and Harry is still looking. Both young men want children. They admit that they took their grandmother, The Queen, for granted when they were children but have both come to understand what a big deal she really is not only in England but throughout the world.

They love her dearly and both William and Harry said how sad it was that their mother, Diana, was not there to see William get married to Kate and also that she would never know her. Harry did say, however, that she probably had the best seat in the house.

Many think the Americans do a wonderful job of pomp and ceremony, and they do, but for me England with its long history and ancient traditions is the best at the rich pageantry that will once again be displayed as the country rallies to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Don’t miss any of the celebrations and concerts which will be well documented on all of the networks.

In these uncertain times it is very reassuring knowing the British Monarchy will endure and continue to serve its people.

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