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Rachael Ray's Week in a Day Recipes

My husband has often mentioned that he liked Rachael Ray’s recipes but I did not really have any experience of her.

Today I happened to notice that she had a cooking show called Week in a Day which piqued my curiosity.

She prepares 5 prepare ahead recipes in one day that just need to be reheated on the day of serving.  I liked this idea  so I thought I would watch the show and I am very happy that I did.

All of the 5 recipes on today’s show appealed to me and were relatively simple to prepare.

Racheal started with a Mustard and Brown Sugar BBQ Beef Sandwich which a creative salad on a soft chibatta bun.

Next she made a Genovese Red Sauce served with buttery egg noodles with a chunk of fresh baked bread for dipping.

Followed by Hot and Sweet Pepper Curry Sauce with Beef, Chicken or Lamb and grilled Naan.

Drunken Chicken with lots of available was next up.

Lastly Bonnie’s Italian Stew which is a stew made with meatballs, potatoes, tomato sauce and French haricot verde.

Every dish looked better than the last and I cannot wait to try them all.  I have a slow cooker  the kids gave me for Christmas which I am sure will suit these recipes very well.

You can access all of the above receipes on: and make sure where there is more than one similar recipe you select Rachael Ray’s recipe.

Buen Provecho!

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