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Rain Rain Go Away, From Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Weather is seldom talked about in Ajijic, Lake Chapala as we have arguably the best climate in the world and, therefore, is not a topic of conversation.

99% of the time our weather is 75 degrees and sunny. Even the during the rainy season (June 15-October 15) it usually only rains at night and is still warm and sunny during the day.

Now, it would appear, people are talking about nothing else and with good reason. December 2009 was unseasonably warm but January 2010 was cool and gray and February, so far, is worse.

The fact that it has rained three days straight without letup is unheard of in our 15 years in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. There is even talk of snow which strikes fear into the hearts of many.

Many businesses are suffering from the prolonged rain as people are hunkering down in their homes trying to stay warm and dry. Many visitors don’t have warm clothes with them and their rain slickers are in the closet at home. .

Now if we lived in Seattle, Vancouver or London, England rain would not slow anything down as it the order of the day and life goes on rain or no rain.

Visitors are asking “What do you do when it rains?” and my reply is “I don’t know it never rains”.

Evidently, it is going to get colder over the next week and more rain is also on its way. I get the weather for Ajijic, Lake Chapala, by Googling Ajijic Weather. Several sites pop up and this is the first time in 15 years I have ever checked these sites as I am now doing on a daily basis.

When I say to people that it is still a lot warmer than up north the replay is “Well at least we have heat up north” which, of course, is a valid point.

I find myself apologizing for the current weather as if it is somehow my fault and assuring people this is most unusual.

As I look out my window I can see a little blue sky and I am elated and full of hope the weather is going to get better and the beautiful blue skies of Mexico are going to return to us.

Perhaps if one was looking for a business opportunity selling efficient heaters locally might be a grand idea.

We had taken the quilt off our bed as it was warming up last week and washed and stored it for some future use but sadly I put it back on our bed last night. We were cold even with the dogs cuddled up with us.

The other sad thing, because of the cold January and February, is the Jacaranda trees which usually start to bloom in gay profusion in February look very bare and unhappy. Usually they fill the air with their fragrance and beautiful lilac flowers which also carpet the ground as their tiny flowers fall to the ground.

I suppose this is good news to some as the Jacaranda trees cause allergies in some. I would happily trade my watering eyes, however, for this depressing gray, wet and cold weather.

Don’t lose hope. We are still in Mexico and the amazing climate will return before we know it. People will be back out playing golf tennis, going for their walks and runs and businesses will welcome brisk business as usual.

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