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Rainy Season in Ajijic

The Rainy Season in Lake Chapala, Mexico is almost upon us. Many people have reported that they have already heard the rainbirds, which herald that the Rainy Season is about six weeks off, but I heard them myself for the first time last night.

The rainbirds are not really birds at all but large insects who rub their hind legs together which make the wonderful sound to let us know the most beautiful season of the year is about to begin.

Many snowbirds have not experienced the wonder of the Rainy Season as they are usually here from after US Thanksgiving in November to just before Easter in April.

The Rainy Season is June 15th to October 15th and it is our favorite season of all the amazing seasons here in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Usually April and May are our hottest and driest months and many residents choose to travel in May to avoid the heat. This year, however, April was a beautiful month weather-wise and the heat only started this year in early May.

The anticipation of the Rainy Season is very exciting. Earlier this week we did see lightening and heard claps of thunder and there was a sprinkling of rain. It is a wonderful feeling to know soon we will be experiencing dramatic thunder storms on a daily basis and the whole landscape changes.

Although it usually only rains at night during the Rainy Season, sheets of rain will fall and you can see the storms coming across Lake Chapala with ribbons of lightening and probably the loudest thunder you have ever heard.

The mountains quickly turn to green velvet with the rainfall and the gardens erupt in profusions of flowers, green grass, flowering trees and fragrant smells.

We do have a taste of our wonderful flowering trees when we have the Jacaranda trees in full bloom in February. This year, because of our cooler than normal winter, the Jacarandas were a little later than that and were not in full bloom with their violet flowers until well into March.

Everything smells so fresh and the aromas of all the flowers blooming happily fill the air.

We, of course, use much less water to water our gardens which is another added bonus of the Rainy Season.

I love sitting at La Nueva Posada watching the water run like rivers down the street outside and have often had to take my shoes off to get across said street.

Thunderstorms in Canada were a pain in the neck and usually ruined your day especially if you had any outdoor activities planned but here in Lake Chapala, Mexico the thunderstorms are eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed for their drama and beauty.

This is the time to get new windshield wipers for your car, an umbrella and to sit on your terraza with your coffee or glass or wine and watch the storms come from the end of Lake Chapala go right over us and disappear down the other end of the lake. It is truly nature at its very best.

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