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Rainy Season is Almost Over in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

The Rainy Season in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

The other day my daughter and I were leaving the house. We were facing the mountains and she said “Look, Mama, you can see the yellow flowers in the mountains.” I remember 15 years ago when my friend and then neighbor said the same thing to me.

She went on to tell me that once you could see the yellow flowers in the mountains it meant that the rainy season was almost over and invierno (winter) was coming. She said it always made her a little sad because soon the mountains would lose their lush green color and would become a little brown.

This year I am not at all upset to see the yellow flowers. We have had a very hot September this year because of El Nino and the smog in Guadalajara and I, for one, will not be unhappy to feel cooler temperatures.

The days will still be warm and sunny but it might be a little cooler at night which is always pleasant for sleeping. We will continue to enjoy outdoor living without any bugs and we can still swim in our pools and play golf and tennis.

The mountains may turn a little brown but we will still have tons of flowers and flowering trees and very soon the Noche Buenas (Poinsettias) will be in full bloom. These vibrant red, pink and white blossoms grow in trees and most of us have them in abundance in our gardens. All the viveros (nurseries) will have all sizes, shapes and colors in pots to decorate our homes for Navidad (Christmas).

That is the beauty of Ajijic, Lake Chapala that as one season ends another amazing one begins. Most Mexicans love this season the most and we have grown to love it too.

We wondered what Navidad would be like in Mexico as it had always been so special in Toronto, Canada with the snow, candlelit midnight church services on Christmas Eve and celebrations with friends and family.

What I particularly like about Navidad here is that it is not just about oneself. There are so many things to enjoy here such as The Nutcracker at the Ajijic Auditorium staged or many years most successfully by Wayne Palfrey.

Many businesses have posadas for the local children to attend to receive candy and fresh fruit. Many people make up baskets for the various retirement homes and orphanages. There are a lot of fund raisers one can attend to buy toys and gifts for those less fortunate. It is truly a season of giving.

I was never prouder of my children than when they participated yearly in packaging and giving out the candy at La Nueva Posada and made and delivered baskets of goodies to the retirement home and orphanage. They also both were in the cast of The Nutcracker for several years and Christmas took on a whole new meaning for them.

So, yes, the rainy season is almost over, and, yes, it could have been a little longer and stronger but, on a positive note, we did get sufficient rain to increase the level of Lake Chapala so we can now look forward to the next wonderful season in Ajijic, Lake Chapala with anticipation and joy. You are going to love it.

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