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Rancho de os Suenos

We love lamb and, unlike pork, it is not easy to get here. Walmart has only meager Osso Buco type rounds and sometimes you can order a leg of lamb from Tony’s beside Superlake but it is not always available.

Superlake sometimes has a frozen rack of lamb but the last time I checked I was put off because it said “mutton” on the package. The Meat Market beside GIL behind the Pemex on the libramiento has frozen racks of lamb but one has to float a loan to purchase same although it is delicious. My husband recently told me that there was a woman at the Monday Market in Hole-in-One across from Chula Vista Country Club on the carretera who took orders for delivery in a week.

I went to look for her today and sure enough she was there. I ordered a leg of lamb bone in and 12 lamb ribs. You can pick what your order up fresh at the Organic Market in La Huerta west of Ajijic on the lake side on Fridays or frozen next week at the Monday Market where you made your order.

She takes your name and phone # but no deposit is required.

I asked for her card and she is Maggie Gaudet of George and Maggie Gaudet of Rancho de Los Suenos.

Maggie’s phone # is 333 440-2463 or you can reach her at her email:

I was very happy to find a purveyor of lamb if you will. We were always very happy with the loin of lamb that Laurent at the hotel across from the Lake Chapala Society on Independencia in downtown Ajijic, Lake Chapala,served before he left Ajijic over a year ago. El Jardin de Ninette on Constitucion #57 (Phone # 766-4905) also in downtown Ajijic, also serves loin of lamb which sometimes is delicious and sometimes is a little tough.

You can order it bone in with or without the shank, butterflied, or just boneless plus an assortment of other lamb cuts ribs, chops etc. I made my order today and am picking it up fresh at the Organic Market in La Huerta on Friday. We are cooking it Saturday and I have every reason to believe, thanks to word of mouth, that the lamb from Rancho de Los Suenos will be tender and delicious.

Buen Provecho!

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