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Real Estate in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

The rainy season is our most beautiful season of the year which lasts from June 15th – October 15th.  That alone would a wonderful reason to visit Ajijic, Lake Chapala at this time.

Also it is the best time to look at real estate if you are thinking of relocating or retiring.  The snow birds (people who come from November to April to get out of the cold) are not here so brokers will have time to take care of you and spend all the time you need to find the property that is exactly right for you.

Sellers who may be more motivated than some others are very happy to see you and deals can be had during this “off season” time.

We have something for everyone here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.  We have turnkey gated communities and the village of Ajijic, and various areas such as the Racket Club, Rancho del Oro, Villa Nova, Los Salvias, La Floresta, Chula Vista and many others.

There are traditional hacienda style homes, character homes and new builds to choose from.  We have mountain views, lake views and mountain and lake views.

Some other properties are popular with buyers as they are within walking distance to all amenities including restaurants and shops.

There are properties with large lots suitable for the avid gardeners, properties with pools ranging from 1 – 5 bedrooms depending on your requirements.  The price range fits any budget and I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at what your money will buy here.

So if you are thinking about relocation or retiring to our magnificent village in the sun contact a reputable broker and make arrangements to come for a recon mission.

You may also be interestd in knowing that we boast arguably the best climate in the world with temperatures in the mid 70’s 12 months a year.

You will also love the warmth and welcome of the Mexican people.

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