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Real Estate in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

A post I saw on Facebook gave me an idea for this blog. A lot of people are worried at the moment because things don’t seem as good as usual in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

The post said that although things are not so good here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala it is the same worldwide and this too shall pass. The financial crisis in the US is not a solitary situation and most other countries in the world are suffering too. Greece, Italy, England are also not doing so well financially at the moment but the good news is that the best minds in the world are working on a solution to the problem and, if the politicians can agree, some steps will be taken to resolve the financial downturn worldwide.

Surprisingly enough, Canada and Mexico are doing a lot better than most countries. Real Estate is booming in many markets in Canada and houses are still selling right here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

The economic climate is not great in the US which does affect us here but we would be smart to consider the growth we are experiencing in Mexico and that we are now indeed a development nation and no longer a third world country.

Yes, things are a little slow in some sectors, but by turning our minds to our own markets things can and are improving.

The US and the world will solve this financial crisis in due course and our job is to carry on until that happens, hopefully, sooner rather than later. The first step would be to realize the lost jobs in the US are not coming back and the so called “job creators” are well aware of this fact.

Globalization and technology have changed things forever and the thing now is to look forward to the areas of the future where new jobs will be created. I saw an excellent piece recently suggested that tourism is down 1/3 in the US because of visa restrictions so tourists are going elsewhere. If some of these restrictions were lifted the tourists would return and so would jobs in the tourism business.

That is one example but there are many more. A very respected man of impeccable credentials, Fareed Zakaria did a piece on jobs which was called “Restoring the American Dream: Getting Back to Work.” You can find this piece on the CNN website. It is very enlightening.

It is always easier to play the blame game but it seems to me it would be more productive to look forward rather than looking back. Better times are around the corner and we still are lucky enough to live and buy and sell real estate in paradise

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