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Real Estate in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico #4

Real Estate in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

After our house in the village we obtained a 4 bedroom house in Upper La Floresta. It had a small pool, casita (which was a handyman’s delight), tennis court and soccer field which was terrific for our children then 10 and 12.

We were on the last street in front of the mountain and the view of them was fantastic. The down side of being next to open fields however, was the scorpion population which we soon had under control thanks to the scorpion resistant chalk available at the tiangis (Wednesday market).

The garden had mature fruit trees and we could not consume fast enough our supply of avocadoes, limes and wonderful small sour oranges which were great for marmalade. It had a lovely covered area for outdoor entertaining and barbequing.

The house itself was clearly of the minimalist period with the ever popular cement couches in the living room.

La Floresta is very well kept and the security and services are good. Upper La Floresta has a beautiful church and medical clinic and the homes are a combination of new, renovated and old Mexican design. There are not many views of the lake available but the mountain views are spectacular.

Lower La Floresta is also very beautiful with very wide cobble-stoned streets. These streets are so wide (as local legend would have it) as to enable the carriages of our forefathers to turn around. There are many old homes with large lots, some right on the lake.

The hotel The Real de Chapala is in Lower La Floresta, which has a very nice newly renovated bar and 2 tennis courts, .as is the Club Nautico which has 4 tennis courts and slips for ones yachts and Lower La Floresta also it used to be the home of La Percha which was a popular disco for young people.

It is quiet in Upper and Lower La Floresta and the mature tree lined streets are very pretty.

La Floresta is one of the oldest suburbs, if you will, of Ajijic and some of the architecture is amazing. It is located right next to the village of Ajijic and, therefore, is easy walking distance to all the amenities of the village.

We were very happy for the short time we were in La Floresta and so were our children and dogs.

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