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Real Estate in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico #6

Real Estate in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

The Racquet Club is west of Ajijic in San Juan Cosala. We lived there in a 4 bedroom house with an amazing view of Lake Chapala. It had 4 fireplaces and was brand new with wonderful tile floors and a beautiful kitchen which also had a wonderful view of the lake.

The Racquet Club also has a community centre affair with 10 newly topped tennis courts, a hot spring and regular pool, hand ball courts and a nice little snack shop that used to have wonderful fresh juices such as orange and carrot.

We enjoyed living in The Racquet Club but for us there were a couple of down sides. At the time our children were going to school in Chapala so that was a bit of a hike and also when it rained we might have been living in a sieve. We did not have enough towels to put up against the doors to keep the water out but I am sure this is not a problem for everyone.

Coming from Canada we traveled many miles to get where we wanted to go but we are spoiled here and the ride back and forth to Ajijic was not what we wanted. Particularly, as I am not a fan of driving at night.

We had an empty lot in front of our house and 2 burros only brayed at night on the other side of our wall which made sleeping a bit of a challenge as their hee- haws would invade ones dreams.

The upsides of The Racquet Club are the panoramic views of Lake Chapala, the tennis club and the large lot sizes. Of course, you are also very close to the thermal springs baths in San Juan Cosala which are purported to have very healing effects for a myriad of ailments.

We had an interesting incident happen to us while we lived in The Racquet Club. One day our son was at the computer in the den which was as the front of the house. He looked out the window and saw a man leaving through our front gate with our daughter’s bicycle. My husband and son went chasing after him but he was long gone. The next day the man came to our front gate with said bicycle and said he was a Catholic man and felt very badly about stealing the bicycle but had stolen it to practice for a race. He then asked if he could borrow it. We said no and sent him on his way with thanks for the return of the bicycle. The incident has always stayed with us as to the innate goodness of the Mexican people.

Judy Wallis

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