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Real Italian Gelato Comes to Ajijic

Not too long ago I blogged about a wonderful Italian Gelato place in Chapala. It is located at Ramon Corona #8A and their phone # is 765-7114 or Romeo y Julieta can be reached at:

The good news is that this wonderful and delicious gelato is now available in Ajijic.

Romeo y Julieta in Ajijic is on the Ajijic-Chapala Carretera between Superlake and Panino on the lake side.

Some of the unusual and exotic flavors are:

Chocolate and vanilla both in regular and lite. All possible fruit flavors Mint Chocolate Chip Ferrero Roche Cheesecake in lots of flavors Tangy Tangerine Fruits of the Forest Raspberry Strawberry Hazel Nut Coffee

And these are the only ones I can remember!

Finding good ice cream has always been a challenge here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. They do have Dairy Queen in Guadalajara but one doesn’t always feel like driving into Guadalajara when one fancies a cool treat.

Summer is coming (not that we really ever are not experiencing summer) so it is a good time to know about and to try out this new and most welcome gelato shop into our community.

They are open in the evening too. So a nice outing would be a lovely walk along the carretera and stopping in for a cup or double cup of this fantastic home made gelato.

The other night I sampled the chocolate lite which was spectacular. I was reminded of the “Seinfeld” episode when a new frozen yogurt shop opened and everyone was going there on a daily basis as it was touted at fat free.

Many people started to gain weight and so some clever patron decided to take a sample to a lab and have it tested and, of course, it turned out that the frozen yogurt in question was far from fat-free.

I have no idea of the caloric content of this outstanding gelato and, frankly, I don’t care.

A treat once in a while is fine. One can only eat so much broccoli!

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