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Recycling Program in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Recyclin in the Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico Area

My sister is arriving today to visit for a month or two and I am worried about the fact that we still are not recycling trash here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala despite threats that we would begin to do so in September.

We still have not received our visit from the people who are going to go door-to-door with instructions and color keyed trash bags.

My sister is a rabid recycler as are most people in Canada and I am sure I will hear about the fact that we still do not recycle in no uncertain terms.

Visiting her house in Toronto is a very confusing proposition trash-wise. There are several different containers supplied by the city in different colors that are picked up on various days of the week.

There is a bin for bottles, one for plastics (which have to be washed before they are suitable for recycling and in some cases the lids for these containers go into a different place), one for papers, one for compost and one for general trash and I still have no idea what that is.

On the bottom of some household containers there is a number in a triangle which is supposed to advise you into what bin said item should be tossed. Being able to read these numbers clearly is a job for some eagle eyed soul whose eyesight is much better than mine.

Not all bottles, however, go into the bottle bin as some beer and wine bottles are to be washed and returned to the beer stores for cold hard cash. Getting them from the house to the beer store however is another story.

When I am at my sister’s I worry about what I am supposed to do with the piece of trash I have in my hand and invariably I make the wrong choice of receptacles. It is always so nice to come home to Ajijica, Lake Chapala and throw everything n the same trash cans with gay abandon.

Having said that I do believe it is time we all did start contributing to the environment in a more meaningful way and a very good way to start is to recycle our trash.

Hopefully, we will soon receive our instructions of what to put in what colored bags and on what days said bags will be collected. Perhaps it might be confusing to start with but I am sure in no time everything, trash-wise, will be running like clockwork. This would make my sister very happy indeed.

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