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Refrendo or Tenencias (Taxes) for Mexican Plated Cards

Last Saturday on the front page of the Guadalajara Reporter there was an article about how easy it is to pay your refrendo or tenencia or on your Mexican plated car by going to a web site which they gave you and entering your plate # and serial # and you could pay with either a credit card or a debit card.

After 3 or more hours over two days we found out that this particular web site does, in fact, not accept debit cards.  A Canadian credit card did not fare any better.

Then we printed out the receipts for our three cars and were told on the paper and in the article that you could pay at a number of places including OXXO.  This also turned out not to be the case.  OXXO said the receipt did not have the required bar code on it and, therefore, they could not process it.  They had no idea where you were supposed to obtain said bar code.

I then took the receipts to my bank which was another option outlined and they did indeed take my money.  Had they not taken my money I would not have been responsible for my actions.

It does not stop there, however.  In three days you have to visit another website and, hopefully, print out your official receipt.

All of this is, of course, in Spanish.

Once you get your official receipt I am sure you will receive another set of indecipherable instructions as how to actually receive the physical sticker necessary for placement on your vehicle along with your card saying you can drive your car  here for another year.

I had assistance from my fluent in Spanish daughter and still it took two full days and we are not finished yet.

The newspaper article made the entire process sound like duck soup but, unfortunately, this was not quite the case.

If you do decide to proceed on your own print out the receipt and take it to your bank for payment and further instructions.

Good Luck! or Buena Suerte! as we say in our language.

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