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Renewing Canadian Passports in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Canadian Passport

Most of us, when we first move to Ajijic, Lake Chapala, go back to Canada often to visit friends and family. During these visits we are able to get our Canadian Passports renewed.

After a few years however, we find that some friends and family have also scattered or moved down here and, in some cases of family, in with us and our visits get less frequent.

Also we can not always schedule our visits north to coincide with our Canadian Passports expiring.

This was the case with me and I found out from a Canadian friend living here for many years that we were able to renew our passports right here in Mexico

It is a very simple and efficient process and I will tell you exactly how to proceed with your Canadian Passport renewal should the need arise.

The first thing to do is send an email to: in Guadalajara and she will tell you how to download the Adult Passport Application online complete with all the instructions or she will mail the application and instructions to you here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

There are 2 Photo Studios in Chapala that know exactly what photos you will need for your Canadian Passport application. They are: Foto Estudio del Lago on Av. Madero #238-C, Tel. (376) 765-3548 and email: and Estudio Zaragoza on Lopez Cotilla # 290, Tel. (376) 765-3495 email:

The standard for delivery of this new, more secure passport will require at least 30 working days. So it is recommended to apply well in advance of expiry.

You will need documentary proof of Canadian citizenship (originals only). This can either be your birth certificate (if you were born in Canada) or your certificate of Canadian citizenship. If you were born in Quebec, only a Birth Certificate issued by the “Directeur de l’etat du Quebec” after the 1st of January 1994 is valid.

Your previous passport, regardless of the issue date.

A clear copy of one piece of identification with photo and signature that matches the name requested on the application (FM2 or FM3 are accepted). The copy of your identification must be signed by your guarantor. A previous Canadian Passport may be accepted as supporting identification provided it is valid or has been expired for a period of less than one year from the date of submission of the new application and the name in the passport submitted supports the name to appear in the new passport.

Your marriage certificate if you want your passport issued in your married name and an ID showing the married name requested.

If you submit a passport application for a minor, one photo ID with signature is requested from both parents.

Your guarantor must be local and practicing. For example, I used Dr. Carlos Garcia at Clinica Maskaras for my guarantor.

The photo studios mentioned above know just what you need for your photos.

If you are a naturalized Mexican, send a photocopy of the naturalization paper. Whether you are working, studying or visiting be sure to clearly indicate where you can be reached in Mexico (address and phone #).

The fee for adult 16 and over is $100.00 Canadian or the peso equivalent for 5 years validity. It would be best to check with Ana Lilia Bara as to the conversion rate at the time of application. This payment can be made either by certified cheque (cheque certificado) or cashier’s cheque (cheque de caja) and made out to Embajada de Canada in pesos. You could also visit the Embassy’s website to confirm the peso equivalent at:

The fees are not refundable if the application is cancelled.

You are responsible to send your documents to the Embassy. Your passport may be returned to you by courier if you include a prepaid waybill (for example, DHL, UPS, AIRBORNE etc.) at your expense.

To avoid delays in the processing of your passport application- please answer all the questions and mark those that are not applicable with N/A. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant.

The address of the Embassy to send your completed application is :

Embajada de Canada, Consular Section, Schiller 529 ,Col. Polanco, 11560, Mexico D.F.

Although these instructions may seem complicated I can assure you I received my new Canadian passport in a very timely fashion. I was a little worried about sending originals but the Embassy kept me posted, by email, as to the whereabouts of my documents and I was completely reassured and can recommend this as a very efficient process.

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