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Renovating is Never Fun

We are not doing a massive renovation but there were a few things we did want to address.  The last thing we wanted to do was to replace the broadloom in 4 of our bedrooms.  This seemed a relatively easy undertaking but, as so many things in our wonderful paradise in the sun, not so much.

We firs,t through our handy man, contacted the primo company in Ajijic for carpet and they came to give us an estimate.  They did not have the carpet I wanted not did they have many samples to choose from.  I did not like their price, their carpet or their attitude, which I found a tad pushy.

I decided to give the project over to my handy man and told him I was looking for Berber carpet which I quite liked when we had it in Canada.

A few days later he brought me many samples and several were Berber and he even was able to get me the color I wanted after they said it had been discontinued.

Four days later he arrived with the carpet and the transformation began.  It was up to us to get all of our “stuff'”out of the three closets and two bathrooms to also be carpeted.

With the help of our Viki our den is now piled to the ceiling with things that were in said closets and bathrooms.  I did not know we had so much stuff and this was just the stuff on the floor not on the racks, rods or shelves.

How they managed to move all of our furniture out of each room as they laid the carpet and, surprisingly, put everything back in it’s place.

All 4 bedrooms are now carpeted in a beautiful Greeen Tea Berber carpet and the rooms look spectacular.  This took 3 days.  Tomorrow he and is crew is coming to finish the job and I will be very happy to have it completed and everything put back in its place. It is well-documented that I am a neat freak.

The sad thing is Viki does not work on Saturday so I will be the one to put the stuff back in the closets and bathrooms.  On the bright side it is a great opportunity to clean out a great deal of stuff that we do not need. A Spring cleaning in the Fall if you will.

The other plus is that going through my handy man saved us several thousand pesos and we got the product we wanted and did not have to settle for another product.

Why do we have carpet, you make ask, as we have three dogs, but both my husband and I both like putting our little feet on carpet when we get out of bed in the night to go to the bathroom.  Which as we get older seems to be a greater occuring event.

We still have to go Guadalajara to purchase a vacuum cleanerwhen we ned a new one but everything else was, for the most part, aside from the mess, sopa de pato (duck soup).

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