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Rescue Dogs in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

There are so many dogs and cats in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.  So if you are thinking of getting a pet please consider a  rescue first.

We are welcoming our 7th rescue dog into the family tomorrow.  We saw a post on Facebook from a friend of ours that she was fostering a beautiful baby girl yellow lab that was living in a construction site.  She took the dog in but as she already had several dogs put some pictures of this beautiful sweet girl on Facebook which, of course, I saw.

We have an amazing golden lab who is getting on in years.  We knew if anything, God forbid, happened to our golden lab we would want another lab forthwith.  My husband grew up with labs but our golden was my first one and they are spectacular dogs.

I showed the picture of the yellow lab looking for a home to my husband as I felt this could possibly be our next lab and this might be Divine intervention.

My husband decided to take the dog sight unseen and make the arrangements with the foster father with whom he has coffee.

We agreed we would not take the dog until tomorrow as we were both out tonight and we did not want to leave our new arrival with our three dogs unsupervised until we knew how they would all get along.

Our wise daughter said we had to get this new dog checked out thoroughly at the vet before we brought her home to our dogs.

Naturally, everything was left to me.  I proceeded to purchase a dog bed, bowl, suitable kibble, chain collar and, of course a toy.

Then I took her to the vet where she received a clean bill of health and a couple of shots,  All this was in excess of $1,200.00 pesos but we are now ready to welcome her into our home.

We are now engaged in the task of finding a suitable name for her.

So if you are going to have a pet who will be a wonderful alarm system in your home please contact one of the many rescue facilities.  We have found over the years that rescues make the best pets as whatever background they came from they will be very grateful to be in your home and part of your family.

Any vet will be able to tell you the different rescue facilities and how to contact them.

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