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Restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Ajijic Lake Chapala Nightlife

There are many fine restaurants and great bars to attend in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area.

Starting with restaurants…

La Nueva Posada not only offers fine continental cuisine, but it is also a charming inn located on the lakeshore. Offering gorgeous accomadations and old world charm, LNP is a landmark building that is a must see for those who visit the picturesque village of Ajijic. It is the only full service 4 Star hospitality establishment in Ajijic. Their hotel is highly recomended by all major travel books and magazines. Music for dancing on Saturday nights.

Number 4 is an excellent, upscale restaurant which is beautifully decorated and has an exquisite atmosphere, offering fabulous Eclectic cuisine, an extensive wine list and a piano bar every night. Without a doubt, anyone would be deeply impressed and delighted with the elegance and quality of this restaurant. The owners and staff are warm and welcoming, and they also have music nights with special guests which are very much worth attending.

Manuel’s is another fine restaurant featuring Nouveau Italiano cuisine in a charming setting.

Ajijic Tango is a Argentinian steak house purported to be the best steak in Ajijic. Also a cosy setting with outdoor fireplaces for winter dining.

There are a number of other casual dining places in Ajijic and Chapala such as The Beer Garden, Mariscos at Cozumel in Chapala and Ricki’s, a delightful undiscovered restaurant with wonderful food of a mixture of oritenal cuisines and Roberto’s with a varied menu on the lake in Ajijic.

Also in Ajijic Bruno’s will always please the diners with good char-broiled steaks, chops and the best baked potato in Mexico. Min Wah is a Chinese Restaurant with a full menu of oriental dishes to eat in or take out. More of what you would expect from an American Chinese restaurant. La Taverna is an Italian Restaurant with home made pasta and very delicious specials daily.

Pedro’s is a pretty outdoor restaurant which does a variety of meals very well and prices fairly.

If you’d really like to try authentic Mexican food the top favourites of the locals in Ajijic are Tacos Jessica and Cenaduria Memos.

On to the bars….

There are several bars in Ajijic. El Bar.Co, Exotica on the Plaza and Johnny’s in San Antonio to name a few. Music is available every night somewhere and there is a full listing of who is playing where in the Colony Reporter weekly.

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, of course, has many wonderful restaurants and spectacular night spots for every taste and pocketbook which can rival any large city.

So if you are worried there will not be enough to do of an evening put that worry to rest, you can dance until dawn every night if you wish. If the children or grandchildren are coming down there are lots of younger people for them to meet and newcomers are always very welcome. A good time will be had by all.

I have only named a few places for you to explore but there are many others I am sure you will love also. There is a listing of restaurants in the Ajijic/Lake Chapala area in El Ojo del Lago.

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