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Retirement in Lake Chapala

Things certainly have improved in the almost 16 years we have lived in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Now we have most things we need right here lakeside and it is no longer necessary to go to Guadalajara for items we are looking to purchase.

For example recently I was in the market for a new queen sized mattress.

There is the furniture store in Chapala that sells mattresses and this used to be our only choice.

Now, however, we have several options right here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Naturally, I was going to comparison shop for the best mattress at the best price.

First I went to Barbara’s Bazaar on Independencia and also Carlos’Bazaar on the street groing up from St.Andres Church. Sometimes one can get lucky but this was not one of those times.

Next I went to Walmart and after waiting, for what seemed like an interminable amount of time to get someone to help me, I was told they do not carry queen sized mattresses nor could they order that size.

I then proceeded to a little place to see what they had to offer. It was called Mr.Rest in San Antonio, Tel. 331 330 7116.

Next I went to C & D’s, also in San Antonio Tel. 766-4972 which is a very nice store that also sells beds, furniture, good quality sheets and various other linens and they had a 40% off sale. They also told me that there was the US queen size and Mexican queen size which is 190 x 150 and this was very useful information as I had not yet ordered the frame for said mattress.

I bought a very good quality Mexican queen sized mattress at 40% off which included delivery. They also had a waterproof fitted mattress cover in the correct size which was in itself a miracle.

Also in the casino compound at the corner of the carretera and the libremiento there is another new mattress store called Durmimundo.(Sp.)

I was delighted at all the choices we now have here in Ajijic, LakeChapala and over a 2 day period was able to purchase the necessary queen sized mattress, bed and 9 drawer chest. The bed and chest of drawers I got at a very good price at Mexico Rustico in Riberas del Pilar Tel. 765-7074. I did check out a number of places to look for a bed but they had the best prices. It is a wood bed stained to your taste but they do have some very nice iron beds at Mateo (formerly Duke;s) also in Riberas del Pilar if wrought iron is more to your liking.

Although this blog is not in the truest sense about Retirement in Lake Chapala I took poetic license as I thought this would be useful time saving information for my readers.

Everything is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and I am hoping this will in fact be the case.

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