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Retiring to Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Retiring to Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

People look for different things when they are thinking about a suitable location for retirement. I think many of these requirements we might have in common.

Here are a few of ours in no particular order:

International Airport Access to a large city Excellent Medical Care Good Schools All denominations of Churches Good Shopping Good Restaurants A wide variety of activities and cultural events Climate Warmth of the people Good Housing Prices

All the above can be checked off your list in Ajijic.

We are 40 minutes or less (depending on your driving speed) from the International Airport in Guadalajara.

Guadalajara is a city twice the size of Toronto, Canada and, therefore, has all the amenities a big city has to offer.

The medical care in Guadalajara is world class with many fine hospitals and also the medical facilities lakeside are excellent with doctors coming out from Guadalajara regularly to see patients. Maskaras Clinic is very good with all the specialties well represented.

There are good schools in Ajijic. From them our children went to bi-lingual schools and both went on to universities in the US and Canada.

All denominations are here in Ajijic. Thee are Catholic churches, of course, Anglican, Baptist, Jewish, Non-Denominational, Presbyterian etc.

The shopping in Ajijic is very good and is excellent in Guadalajara with all the designer labels available.

There are many good restaurants in Ajijic for all tastes and pocketbooks and of course, there is fine dining available in Guadalajara.

There are activities to suit all tastes in Ajijic. Golf, tennis, bridge and cribbage clubs, garden glubs, writing clubs, theatre, arts and crafts to name a few. Also the cultural experience is wonderful with many world class theatre and musical groups coming to our own auditorium.

The climate is the best in the world and is only rivaled by Kenya. However, for my money, this is a better bet politically.

The warmth and welcome of the Mexican is second to none in the world. They truly live the expression “mi casa es su casa” which means “my house is your house”.

Finally, attractive housing prices are what bring many people to Ajijic along with the wonderful year round climate but it is the people that make us stay.

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