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Rich Man, Poor Man Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Rich Man, Poor Man Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

For centuries the question has been asked: “Is there justice for all?”

I think now we can unequivocally answer that question with a resounding “NO”.

We know this now for certain thanks to one Bernard Madoff who perpetrated, seemingly with little or no remorse, the largest Ponzi scheme in investment history.

Having bilked his investors out of in excess of $50 billion dollars (US) he still resides comfortably in his upper east side New York penthouse. Under police supervision but free nonetheless.

When you think that the jails are filled with hapless individuals who perhaps committed the heinous crime of having been found with a joint on them – this situation would be laughable I if it was not so terribly wrong and unfair.

Clearly there are different laws for the rich and for the poor. No surprise, but what a blatant example of this injustice is our Mr..Madoff.

His most recent escapade was mailing out, on Christmas Eve, to family and friends over a million dollars in expensive diamond jewelry and designer watches. This violates his bail agreement but is he in jail? The answer is no because has been ruled he can stay in his penthouse as he has agreed to co-operate with the courts and let them know where much of the pilfered funds have gone. What a saint!

My advice to you, therefore, is if you are going to commit some minor (or major) infraction of the law I suggest you ensure you are extremely wealthy first.

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