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Safe Dog Walking in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

Most people here have pets and very often they are dogs.  My husband is fond of saying that a barking dog is your best alarm system.

I have often cautioned people that they have to be careful when walking their dogs for a myriad of reasons.

If something or someone spooks a dog they can get away from their owner even if they are on a leash.  You never know how other dogs will react so it is best to be cautious when another dog approaches.  Even if the dog is friendly quite often little dogs have a way of annoying a bigger dogs which does not always end well.

Cats, squirrels, iguanas and birds can ignite the imagination of your dog.  Some will want to get away from you and become the hunter they believe themselves to be.

Recently, however, a new threat appeared on the horizen in La Floresta and a tame 6 month old pet jaguar got out of his cage and wandered out through an open gate spotted a tiny Chihuahua and, despite the efforts of their elderly owner to save their pet, the consequences for the dog were fatal.  This happened even thought the jaguar was docile and completely domesticated.

Granted this does not happen often and I am sure it will not happen again but one can never be too careful.

We have three rescue dogs (the only way to go) and I walk them one at a time.  This is good for a couple of reasons.  One it extends the lenghth of my walk and, secondly,  if there is a big dog off leash I can pick up my two small dogs until the danger either passes or is assessed to be non-existent.  My lab, although getting on in years. never seem to attract any unwanted attention and her cat and squirrel chasing days are over.  Occasionally, however, she still will try to pounce on an unsuspecting iguana.

Walking dogs is great for you and your pets. Diligence is required, however, to avoid any unfortuneate incidents.

There is also a dog park for socialzing your dog in San Antonio Tlayacapan east of Ajijic.  You can visit their website at

We also have our very own version of The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Arthur.  Arthur can be reached by contacing the Ladrone vets at (376) 765-5940.  Many people are very satisfied with the results they have experiences with Arthur’s help.

If you are considering getting a dog please contact the various dog shelters in town.  Again you can obtain this information from the Ladrones.

There are many wonderful dogs and cats waiting for their forever home and rescue dogs are the best and most appreciative animals you will every own.

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