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Safely Crossing into Mexico at Ciudad Juarez and Laredo

These are two accounts of people safely traveling to and crossing into Mexico at Ciudad Juarez and Laredo.

Day 1

The first couple left from Durango, Colorado about 10:00 am on a Tuesday with a full car and roof carrier bursting at the seams.

They had dinner that night at Las Cruces in New Mexico and then arrived on the west side of El Paso at 7:30 pm. They stayed at La Quinta at Exit 11 because they had two pets with them.

Day 2

They left La Quinta at 8:00 after a hotel breakfast and filled up at the gas station next to the hotel. Drove back to Exit 8 after a Starbucks run then drove down into New Mexico on the Pete Dominici Highway to a small border crossing at Santa Teresa about 25 miles west of Ciudad of Juarez. Got tourist visas and required auto papers in about 30-40 minutes.

There was a lot of military presence around which made us feel very safe and they were friendly and we had no problems.

Their philosophy for driving in Mexico is to drive only in daylight, and stay on the cuotas (toll roads), have snacks in the car and keep the “top half” of the gas tank full. This may require a lot of stops but extra bano (bathroom) stops are OK.

They had some apprehension because of all of the media hype but settled into the drive without mishap.

Pemex attendants were very friendly, efficient and greet them with a smile and made sure you knew they zeroed out the pumps before filling up your car with much fanfare.

The Mexican landscape is quite scenic. Their first night in Mexico was in the town of Jiminez where they arrived around 5:00 pm to a very good 3 year old hotel called the Hotel Jiminez Plaza which had large very clean rooms with A/C, hi-speed, TV, nice pool, great margaritas and decent Mexican food in the restaurant.

Day 3

Was their biggest day of 10-11 hours so they got going around 7:00 pm. Planned snacks for breakfast and lunch, but know that OXXO and Pemex have lots of snacks and drinks too. Road are great except for a few stretches of rough spots that have not been resurfaced yet.

Some military roadblocks and evidence of Federales but again they made you feel secure. Keep the “top half’ full and smile like an idiot at all times.

We recommend that you do not try to cross into Mexico with drugs of any kind among your possessions nor should you plan to deal drugs on your arrival. This activity is frowned upon.

They arrived in Ajiiic for dinner 1500 miles from home …. 1000 of those miles in Mexico without incident.

They had a great trip and are very glad to be back to their little piece of heaven.

The following is an email from another couple who safely crossed the border into Mexico at Laredo this month:

“We had a very uneventful boarder crossing, only 20 minutes to complete everything including auto permit. We have now reached our last stop over, in Matehuala at The Hotel Las Palmas, where we all stay as it is the only destination for overnight within many miles on our way to Ajijic. The trip was very pleasant, wonderful weather, not a lot of heavy traffic, beautiful scenery. We sure feel very safe wherever we are….. Now enjoying a very strong drink…. to be followed by a nice shower and a good meal…….

We should reach our destination in Ajijic sometimes late afternoon tomorrow, Sunday. We are so looking forward to see our friends and of course our little house.” So here are two recent stories of successful and safe border crossings into Mexico. So do not be dissuaded from entering a most wonderful country where you will have an exciting vacation or happy and peaceful retirement or relocation. Come on down and find your little piece of heaven too

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