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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a term that most of us are not familiar with unless we have our own very successful web site. This is a method whereby your web site stands out and has increased awareness and hits and rises to the top of the list when Googled.

Many young people try to design their own websites but realize it may not be quite as easy as they originally thought and older people may not know where to start building a website to promote their particular business or service.

I want to tell you about our website designer who is now living and working in Phuket, Thailand. The company is called Phuket Website Design and is run by CC Design Studio.

This exciting young company specializes in the following services:

Ecommerce Design Flash Websites Website Development Online Reputation Management Logo and Print Design Brochure and Business Cards Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Content Management Systems

FREE Domain FREE Hosting for 1 year

Web site: Phuket Website Design

Email address:

Phones: 08 277-7949 or 08 277-7876 This company was conceived after a review of the existing web sites and it was soon discovered that the tourism levels are high in Thailand but there is a definite lack of specialized services in the industry.

It is necessary to generate more business through inspiring sites and creative online presence for your company.

As this is a young company you can now take advantage of their low rates while receiving the benefits of their vast knowledge, expertise and international experience. (Canada, US, Mexico and now Thailand)

CC Design Studio offers creative problem solving understanding that some sites work and other do not and you need a site that will get noticed and that is easily understood.

They highlight gorgeous graphics and excellent customer service. They will assist you in making the correct business decisions to get the results you are looking for through engaging user interfaces and the all important SEO which is what will get you on the first page of Google.

Visit their web site at: Phuket Website Designand click on “profiles” to see some samples of their existing work. I think you will be very glad you did.

Opening a new business or service or getting an existing one properly marketed is just as important and the business itself. Make sure you put this critical part of the equation in the right hands to maximize your online exposure.

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