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Security in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Security in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

If you are worried about security in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. Don’t. We are quite safe here.

There are many gated communities and others with security guards. Of course there is some crime but it is usually non-violent and rarely anyone is hurt.

The crime is usually theft. We have been here for over 14 years and can happily report only one incident where our barking dogs took care of the intruder. When people are away they often have their maid or gardener keep an eye on their house and the best defense is a barking dog. It is quite safe to walk the streets at night.

Guadalajara is, of course, a big city and one always has to keep ones wits about them in a big city. However, when you think of the crime in a big city up north our numbers are significantly better. There are some simple rules to follow to keep you safe such as not accepting help from strangers. For the most part the Mexicans are a wonderful people who will help you however they can.

When we lived in Toronto and our kids were young I would not let them go across the street to Mack’s Milk. Since we have been here I have never worried about them. No one here is going to hurt your children. We had an incident here where a man climbed over the wall and stole my daughter’s bicycle. He brought it back the next day explaining that he was a Catholic man and felt very badly about what he did and would we forgive him. Which we did, of course. He then asked if he could borrow the bike to practice for a race but we declined that request. Why tempt fate?

If some people here do steal it is only to feed their families and not necessarily a crime against you personally.

I have always felt quite safe here and so can you. You will learn to love the Mexicans and their gentle ways.

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