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Shopping in Ajijic

I am from Toronto, Canada. All designers are well represented in that city as they are in Guadalajara.

Here in Ajijic, however, designer labels are a little harder to find. There is Mia’s Boutique on the Carreter Ote. # 7 in Ajijic 045 333 722 8944 and they do carry many designer labels as it is a consignment store. A couple of years ago I was looking for an outfit for my sister who was staying with me and going to be here for New Year’s Eve and her husband was flying down from Toronto to join her. I went with my clothes savvy daughter and we found a fabulous black DKNY two piece outfit in her size and fabulous turquoise jewelry to go with it. We were thrilled and so was my sister.

Today I was looking for shoes other than flip flops or the shoes from Mi Mexico and I found a wonderful pair of Liz Clairborne shoes that made me very happy and were like new.

My daughter was looking for a specific look for Halloween and found exactly what she wanted. We then proceeded to Smokee’s at the foot of the stairs going to the theatres in Plaza Bugambilias and I found another pair of almost new designer shoes and my daughter got the perfect earrings to match the dress she bought at Mia’s Boutique.

I was also looking for a specific round silver medallion necklace and found that too at Mia’s. I wore it out of the store.

Also I would like to alert everyone that Alexis White from Toronto and New York is opening her new store later this month on Marcos Castellanos # 13 next to the church in Ajijic. The name of the store is Florence Rowe Boutique (after her grandmother) and will carry clothes, shoes and accessories. Anyone who knows Alexis (Lexie) is very excited about this opening as she has always been very involved in the world of fashion and her boutique will be a wonderfully welcome addition to our beautiful village in the sun. Call Alexis at 045 333 448 7422 for more details.

So we may not be living in Toronto, New York or London but we are very close to a world class city with world class shopping and now in our very own Ajijic, Lake Chapala our shopping options are growing and just in time for the advent of the snowbirds and, of course, Navidad (Christmas).

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