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Silence is Golden

Easter is over and most of the snow birds are back home.  It is now possible to turn onto the carretera in less than 15 minutes and one does not need a reservation for most restaurants in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.  Stores are less crowded and one can move around easily (exept for Walmart on the week-ends) and traffic is negligible.

April is almost over and soon we will start listening for the rain birds heralding the beginning of the rainy season in mid-June until mid-October.  Rain birds are not really birds but large harmless insects that make a loud crying noice like cicadas and it is very exciting when we first hear them knowing the beautiful cooling rains are not far behind.  The rains usually start 6 weeks after we hear the first rain birds cry.

This is a time of peace and serenity for our village in the sun as a lot of residents travel at this time to avoid the slighter warmer temperatures in April and May.  Coming from Toronto, Canada I do not feel the heat and it certainly is a far cry from our humid summers up north.

It is a time of expectaton as we await the most beautiful season of the year.

There is avid gardening underway to be ready for the rains and roofs are retreated for waterproofing.

It usually rains only at night and is warm and sunny during the daytime.  We have witnessed here the most dramatic thunderstorms we have ever experienced.  If you are lucky enough to have a view of the lake you can watch the ribbons of lightening go from one end of the lake to the other accompanied by claps of thunder which can be extremely loud.

It is wonderful as we watch the mountains slowly turn to green velvet from the dull brown they are now and watch the flowers come out in gay profusion.  Beautiful scents fill the air and it is a most delightful time in paradise.

Most snow birds do not experience the rainy season as they usually come from after American Thanksgiving to just before Easter and, therefore, miss the rainy season.

If you are lucky enough to live here full time you too will become avid proponents of this most fantastic time of year in Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

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