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SM Sonora's Meat

This new meat store is being described as a Fine Cuts Boutique. They are located beside Joanna’s German Restaurant on Boulevard Ajijic # 122 in La Floresta. Their phone # is (376) 766-5288 and they are also on Facebook under Sonora’s Meat Ajijic.

We have been buying our meat from Tony’s (beside Superlake) for the almost 18 years we have been here in Ajijic, Lake Chapala. We have always been very happy with meat from Tony’s and have frequently made special orders for special occasions. When Walmart opened at first we did not think of buying any meat from them but after hearing many comments about how good the selection and prices were we gave it a try. I love the meat from Walmart, particularly the whole chickens and chicken cuts, the pork and the Angus beef. They also have a large selection of fish and seafood as well as a custom butcher so it is one stop shopping if you will.

We still buy from Tony’s as I only go to Walmart maybe twice a month.

Then we heard about SM Sonora’s Meat and I decided to try it as I wanted a nice prime rib roast for Easter dinner.

I went there and was served by the owner, two butchers and the checkout girl who speaks English.

They were very friendly and the shop was very clean. Outside on the terrace they have a very large pristine grill and they will grill your meat for you for free if you so desire.

SM Sonora’s Meat had every conceivable cut of beef, pork and lamb. It was truly like being in a meat candy store.

The prices were less than I thought they would be and I got a beautiful prime rib roast and two custom cut New York steaks.

I also called them today to order a shoulder of pork with bone in which is something I have not been able to get anywhere else. They are calling me as soon as they have it in.

I think I will definitely use SM Sonora’s Meat for special occasions.

It is very nice to have this new other meat option right here in our beautiful village in the sun.

Buen Provecho!

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