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Something for Everyone in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

We love living in paradise and feel very fortunate that the Mexican people allow us to do so.

We love many things about Ajijic, Lake Chapala and being in real estate we particularly likethe fact  that there is something for everyone.

There are quaint original and rerenovated houses in the village along with many fraccionamientos or divisions to choose from.

There are many gated communities along with lakeside estates.  There are new homes and renovated homes as well as original Mexican architecture.

There are houses with lake views, mountain views, swimming pools, expansive gardens and off street parking.

The best thing to do is come to Ajijic to check out what is available for yourself.  Drive around with a reputable broker to the different areas to see what speaks to you.

It is not a bad idea to a few “must haves” in mind to let your broker know where to start.  Such as price,(speaking of price you certainly will get much more house for your money that one would up north), number of bedrooms and bathrooms, gated or non, in the village within walking distance to shopping and restaurants, or further outside of town where you might need a vehicle.

There are many different styles of homes but definitely there is something for everyone.  You may have something in mind but on arriving in Ajijic, Lake Chapala you see something totally different that catches your eye.

I don’t know what you are looking for but I do know you will certainly find it here in the paradise that is Ajijic, Lake Chapala.

Come on down.  The weather is fine.  (All the time.)

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