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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Today (March 21st) is the first day of Spring.

If we were still up north the good weather would be another couple of months away.

We would not yet even be thinking about gardening, planting or contacting our yrd man to come and commence the after winter clean up.

We would maybe start to see of the screen for he windows were in good repair prior to our taking down the storm windows. We would be in no rush because another storm or two could still be in the cards.

May 24th week-end was more exciting than March 21st as there was a better chance warmer weather was around the corner. We would be thinking abut cleaning the lawn and garden furniture but again there was no rush.

Restaining the deck was talked about but the ice still needed to be chipped off of it.

Although the frst day of Spring was a happy day we still had plenty of time to attend to all of the transitional chores ahead of us.

One of the man reasons I could not bear to leave Ajijic,Lake Chapala is our amazing climate which is arguably the best in the world. (75 degrees and sunny over 90% of the year)

At lest up north February would be over and with it my annual February slump would be gone. February is the month of the highest rates of suicide and it is no wonder as it is grey and bleak and winter looms endlessly ahead of us ergo the aforementioned slump.

Since we moved to Ajijic, Lake Chapala in 1994 have enjoyed every minute of every beautiful day and am happy to say never have I experience even a hint of a slump.

Sun is good for the soul and there is an actual disease people deprived of sunlight can contract.

To go out the door every morning and be greeted by warmth and sunshine is wonderful feeling. It makes whatever you have to do that day much more pleasant.

People still ask me if I miss the change of season and I always respond with a resounding “NO”.

I do not miss scraping the ice off my car or having my leather boots ruined by salt or not being able to see the road for the blinding snowstorm or white out. These are just a few of the things that I do not miss.

Spring was nice because there was hope.

Summer was short, humid and plagued with an unpleasant assortment of insects.

Fall was pretty with the bright changing leaves but to this day the onset of “Back to School” commercials strikes feat into my husband’s heart as winter was not far behind.

In Ajijic there is nothing to fear. Winter here is not terrible nor are any of our wonderful seasons in the sun.

So enjoy the first day of Spring and every other day of the year here in our amazing village in the sun.

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