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Sunday, April 16th is Easter in 2017

As you have probably noticed there are a lot of people in Ajijic.  You will most probably have noticed that when trying to turn onto the carretera or finding a parking spot to do your shopping.

Usually just before Easter is when the crowds start to thin out and the traffic gets more manageable.

The snow birds like to head home to be with their northern families for Easter so things will be quiet again.

I have noticed, however, that we do not really have a highly defined “low season” anymore and it seems to be busy year round.

For the next six weeks things will be particularly busy.  Businesses like to make sure they take advantage of the additional shoppers as do restaurants wanting to feed the extra people.

Real Estate is getting busy at the moment.  There are many different reasons for this.  People wanting to sell their properties while more people are here so prices are lower which aslo stimulates buyers.  President Trump could also be a factor as some people do not think he is necessarily going to be good for the American or Mexican economy.

Sales are happening everywhere.  Many people are buying gifts for their friends and family up north.

So if you are looking for a bargain in a number of areas now would be the time to get out your credit card or checkbook.

A little later in the summer there is another influx as people are escaping the hot whether in Arizona and Texas which creates another mini boom.

There are also many evenst running up to Easter (the most important holiday of the year here in Mexico) which are fun to be involved with including the Passion Play.

It is a wonderful time of year but, then again, every season here is Ajijic, Lake Chapala is a wonderful time of year.

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