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Super Bowl 2014

I have to admit that I am not a huge football fan and don’t really watch it on TV.  Golf and tennis are my chosen spectator sports.

I did, however, always get involved in the Super Bowl when we would go to La Nueva Posada to watch it in the bar and had a  pool.  It was fun to bet and gave me some reason to be interested in the game.  One year our son won the whole thing which was very helpful as he was at Queen’s University at the time and every penny counted.

We went to a very good friend’s house for the Super Bowl last night and our host was a staunch Seahawks fan and has been since their inception in 1976 and my husband was rooting for the Broncos.

My daughters and I and our grandson did not care who won and were looking forward to the food we had prepared.

What made an extremely unexpected one sided and boring game fun was the- enthusiasm of our host and his inherent love of the Seattle Seahawks.

From the kick-off the Seahawks came to play and scored a 2 point safety before we even sat down. They continued to dominate the first half and it was painful to watch the Broncos pitiful performance especially since this was Peyton Manning’s (the Broncos quarterback) swan song.  Peyton Manning is an extremely well-respected football player and it is now rumored that although he left the field with his head held high, he may return for a couple of more years as this is not the way he wanted to finish his career.

The first half was scoreless for the Broncos and they did manage to score 8 points in the third quarter but at that point it was not likely they were going to make up enough ground and the fourth quarter they did not score and the final score was  43-8.

The Seahawks young quarterback Russell Wilson played a fantastic game and so did the very vocal Richard Sherman who was injured late in the game.

This route was not even the biggest point spread in history as there was a game that was 55-10 with San Francisco and Denver.

Watching our host and dear friend see his beloved Seahawks win the Super Bowl was worth the price of admission.  He admitted it was his greatest moment as a sports fan.  Sharing that moment with him was fantastic.

We had a lovely spread of several different kinds of chips with a delicious artichoke and garlic dip, top of the line mixed nuts,  nachos with BBQ’d chorizo, jalepenos, spicy 3 chese sauce and guacamole. Then we had beef hot dogs wrapped in bacon in homemade pretzel buns, homemade chili, jalepeno and red onion and cole slaw.  For dessert our daughter had made cupcakes in the shape of little footballs.  Of course, we also had the mandatory, beer, wine, rum, pop and Irish whiskey.

It was a great evening and our grandson even got to swim in our host’s heated pool which he loved.

We did miss Downton Abbey but they do have an encore performance next Sunday so all is well.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks.  They played an amazing game and richly deserved their historic win.

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