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Super Lake in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

Super Lake in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, Mexico

The other day our daughter who currently resides in London, England was telling me about a wonderful green curry she was making. She was telling me about the ingredients which I thought would be a challenge for us here in Ajijic.

To my surprise and joy I went looking for these ingredients and Pancho (bless his heart) had all but one ingredient – the lemongrass.

You start with Thai Kitchen Green Curry Paste. On the label it tells you how to make green curry with cubed skinless, boneless chicken, using coconut milk, bamboo shoots, frozen peas, brown sugar and fish sauce. They also recommend you use fresh basil for garnish.

After following these directions I added the following ingredients as advised by our daughter, the chef. Yellow onion (sauté it first), hot dried chilis or chili pepper flakes and a good quality hot sauce and hot curry powder amounts depending on your desire for heat.

Thick plain yogurt and lemongrass (which I did not have) so I added fresh lemon not lime. I also used two tablespoons of the green curry paste instead of the one called for.

It is simmering happily on the stove at the moment and I will serve it with basmati rice and green beans.

When we were first here almost fifteen years we had to go to Guadalajara to obtain fresh basil and now thanks to our very own Pancho at Super Lake right here in Ajijic we have all the ingredients for this very savory and delicious dish.

I am sure he will have lemongrass for me next time I go shopping. All one has to do is ask.

We used to frequent a restaurant in Toronto called Thai Magic and we loved the food there so I am very much looking forward to serving green curry to my family tonight.

Who knows what delights I will plan for tomorrow but I can now be certain Pancho will have the ingredients on hand for me and if he does not have what I need he will get it.

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